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JTEC - JFTC partnership agreement

The partnership agreement was signed between the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC) and the NATO Joint Forces Training Center (JFTC).

The document was signed by the Deputy Commander of the Georgian Defense Forces, Brigadier General Irakli Chichinadze, and the Commander of the NATO Joint Training Center (JFTC), Major General Adam Joks. The signing ceremony was held remotely due to the pandemic situation in - Georgia and Poland - in the city of Bydgoszcz.

The document will contribute to the development of JTEC as one of the main training centers affiliated with NATO. The partnership agreement covers various aspects of the collaboration and focuses on multinational brigade and formation level simulation training.

Partnership with JFTC will enable the functioning of a NATO-affiliated Training and Evaluation Center in Georgia, staffed by both Georgian and NATO military personnel, and will train and evaluate Georgian Defense Forces, NATO and partner country’s military units. This agreement clearly shows the presence of more NATO in Georgia. It is noteworthy that under the leadership of the NATO Joint Transformation Command (ACT), 5 positions have been created at JTEC, which will be permanently staffed with military personnel from NATO member countries and further strengthen the capabilities of the JTEC  and deepen it’s compatibility with NATO.

JTEC has been working closely with the NATO Joint Training Center (JFTC) in Poland since 2017 under a mentoring program. Mentoring was aimed at preparing JTEC for Officer Directing Exercise (ODE) role for the NATO-Georgia Exercise 2019.

Within the framework of mentoring relations, NATO-Georgia Exercise 2019 was held in 2019 in Georgia in close cooperation with the NATO side.

As part of the exercise, Georgia was the first non-NATO country to be awarded the status of the Exercise Officer Directing Exercise (ODE), this has paved the way for a new, partnership phase between JTEC and JFTC.